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Development of software for SIM cards and eSIM
SIM / eSIM benefits

All formats
The supported form factors are 2FF / 3FF / 4FF (conventional SIM, micro and nano-SIM) and the industrial standard MFF2.
Java Comfortway applet installed on UICC performs the function of switching the profiles of mobile network operators.
Connection by air
It provides communication with the RSP platform via IP (Wi-Fi) and SMS channels.
Independent management and data encryption with decoding inside e-Sim.
Open platform
It does not use proprietary technologies and is able to interact with conventional Java cards that form the basis of the modern fleet of SIM cards.
eSIM are designed to work in the temperature range from -40 to +110 degrees.
SIM/eSIM is managed by a mobile application

Simple (Plug & Play) management of the operator profile, tariffs, top up and support in a convenient application.
The balance is displayed in real time and the user is in complete control of the situation with communications costs.
The application implements debit mode for megabytes and the purchase of packages of 100, 200, 500 MB, 1 GB and their payment in several ways.
Implementation examples
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