TM One - cloud MVNE platform
built on the basis of RSP technology
(Remote SIM Provisioning).
TM One provides connectivity
to dozens of operators around the world and
allows you to independently provide
communication services.

Functions of TM One MVNE platform
  • Storage and downloading of Mobile SIM profiles and their mobile operators with the use of RSP technology (Remote SIM Provisioning)
  • Billing - Dynamic Tariff Management
  • Integration with Partners via API, RADIUS, DIAMETER
  • Partner personal account and setting up of international payment systems
  • Management of client part based on SIM, eSIM M2M devices and IoT
  • Management of tariffs and additional services through the iOS, and Android mobile application or through commands from the platform
  • Installation of loyalty programs (bonuses and points for traffic)
  • Statistics and analytics on traffic consumption and use of services
Key Features:
  • The modular construction system allows the customer to set up the required parameters and conditions for the provision of communication services.
  • RSP technology provides roaming-free coverage worldwide.
  • Unified connection protocols make it possible to launch commercial services in record short time.
Partner Personal Account
Your partners can see all services under your brand only.
You form your product
Your customers pay you directly through your payment system.
You see all statistics of consumed traffic online.
Partner Account Interface
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